the discipline

After a late start in the pastry field, competitions appeared to be a fine leverage to quench my thirst for knowledge. Each training and contest brought out the fundamental time of learning together with theory and practice.

Igniting the spark

My first year as a pastry apprentice saw me entering and winning my very first competition. Starting up with regional contests helped me coped gradually with mastering the various areas of the discipline, whether it is sugar art, pastry or chocolate.

Before the spark ignites and gives life to my vision, you are in for an unparalleled road of search, trials, fine-tunings. Each title was a reward of my commitment, each victory as a confirmation of the search and development dedication, where my true passion lies in.

For the French Cup (2001), I will deepen my reflection to enhance my skills, pushing further my abilities. To me, research embodies the premise of any type of innovation.

Even as the appointed captain of the French team for the World Pastry Cup (2003), I remained faithful to my philosophy of aesthetics, creating Papilio on the theme of nature. A refined visual leaving light to a very technical decor: one wing of the butterfly printed in negative in the cake, while the other one made in sugar emerges out of it. Originally only a theme, the butterfly will be my trademark, the symbol of my pastry signature.

Creativity unbound

This rise actually echoes my inner need for creativity. Focusing on research, aspiring above all on instilling an avant-garde spirit. Challenging, questioning, disclosing new borders, ascertaining through the prism of heritage. One of the Best Craftsmen of France (2007) therein encompasses relentlessly putting yourself to the test, unfolding and releasing ideas, finding resources within yourself, only to live a vivid emotion matching your fondness.

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