Destiny, I surrendered to destiny which placed pastry on my path, even before I knew a thing about it. I took my first steps alongside Monsieur Claude Bourguignon in Metz, France. A once in a lifetime encounter that changed my life for forever, the beginnings of a tireless passion. There, I will learn about the mesmerising power of sugar art, enhancing taste through textures, and entering the competition world.

Emotional encounters

Aiming high

Key encounters not only paved my way to success but also shaped my professional and personal life. First and foremost, Claude Parmentelat, my pastry teacher, recognized the first signs of an unborn fondness for the discipline, recommending me to start my apprenticeship at the Bourguignon pastry shop. In turn, Mr. Bourguignon understood beforehand my devotion for sugar art, supporting me in this direction. Teachings where know-how is fully integrated to interpersonal skills, core values that I still carry within myself.

Next my venture to Oberweis in Luxembourg took me on a whole other journey. During this period of time, I learnt to be more independent at work and met people who would make a lasting impact on my life. Among them, Franck Michel and I made a fantastic team, leading us to the most prestigious of victories.

Raising the bar of passion

I continued building my pastry profile by joining Pascal Caffet, a lifelong wish realised. Working beside him, my devotion expanded. Invigorated, I started blossoming as my understanding grew and my work became more in-depth. From unfolding to experimenting, my thirst for search is to convey towards new ways of expression. Taking on from our heritage to revisit the language of pastry, holding high our craftsmanship's values and asserting my very own voice. From curating premium goods, to the importance of textures, their positions and associations, each component is thoroughly thought out to create a dessert that highlights authentic tastes together with a neat style. Technical and aesthetic traits that will brace for a creative mind.

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