Fair sophistication

If the art of craftsmanship's aspiration is to trigger an emotion, it is first and foremost the expression of a know-how. A form of wisdom if I may say, that I take pleasure in translating with authenticity and sobriety. It is a difficult exercise requiring the subtle balance between intelligence-imagination and intention-instinct to uncover its full potential.

Audacity of passion

The incredible work begins by blending reflection and research put in perspective by a carefully selection of premium raw materials. Soft, smooth, fragrant, fruity, crunchy, balanced, adjusted…a synergy borne from elaborated tastes, lush pairings, well-thought textures and innovative visuals. Living each challenge with the audacity to transcend the obvious only by relying on your own conviction.

Being able to build the tools of your vivid imagination and looking deep into your knowledge exposes new paths. The excitement of starting on a blank page sustains my need to aim further and higher. Inspiring a signature, instilling a creativity, achieving the extraordinary. This is the spirit to conquer and enlighten our ambitions of tomorrow.

Drunk in creativity

Excess, -in the sense of creativity as a form of luxury-, demands a collective force of various players whose skills will add to deliver timeless works. To me, the most beautiful way to live my passion for pâtisserie lies in the strength of this joint effort, an ideal of caring and sharing. Genuine links forming a chain underlying this dynamic and innovative spirit in order to uplift each other.
A fabulous adventure!

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