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Building a sensory collection is mainly shaped by our experiences. A world of flavours and senses that is meant to be endlessly discovered and rediscovered, from which I draw my inspiration. A genuine journey around the taste needs to be felt, thought, designed and combined to achieve the dessert that I have envisioned or that will result in a pleasantly unexpected creation.

In this entanglement of raw material, I have a penchant for vanilla, coffee, chocolate or citrus. Working them through various processes such as seasonings or infusions is what excites my imagination the most.

Vanilla has become my most beloved ingredient and is thus featured extensively in my works. It can take the leading role like in the 100% vanilla dessert, where only a deep understanding of the product can aim to reach this ambition: be taken aback by the sophistication of a single fragrance showcasing all of its flavours, an ode to my pastry philosophy. It can also hold a supporting role as a spice expressing itself as a fleeting hint, more complementary than the star of the show, yet essential to highlight all the core characteristics of the “real hero” of the dessert.

Textures of spirit

Early in my career, I realized that taste was all about revealing emotions, while texture is the embodiment of the soul of a dessert. The way each texture is worked will bring out the quintessence of taste, becoming a fundamental to my pastry. The richness of the composition raises the questioning of the purpose, arrangement and harmony of each texture with the others. The power of your dessert shall emerge from the relevance given to textures.

Pastry has been like a foster mother to me. An ongoing apprenticeship to educate and keep my mind open only to look to strive in the field. With taste as my main concern and priority, I keep working on displaying the inner qualities of raw food material, focusing on developing them respectfully so they can fully unveil themselves.

The aesthetics emotions as a catalyst for my pastry ideology, perfectly illustrated in one of my signature desserts: paris-brest.

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